Thursday, October 18, 2012


I know that this may seem trivial, but I need some webby place to store the core vimrc I use, so many times I am spinning up a VM or am on some new machine where I want this.

Surprisingly, it doesn't take much of a vimrc to make me happy. This one is derived from one that was used at VMware to adhere to the coding standard.

set hidden                      " Allow sane buffer switching
set shiftwidth=4                " for coding standard
set backspace=2                 " allow backspacing over in insert mode
set textwidth=78                " always limit the width of text to 78
set expandtab                   " expand tabs to spaces
set smarttab                    " tabs -> shiftwidth
set showmatch                   " show matching brackets
set tabstop=8                   " set tabstop (coding standard)
set cinkeys-=0#                 " don't indent # comments
set history=100         " Number of lines of command line history.
set undolevels=100      " Number of undo levels.

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